About the Project


The aim of the Multimedia City Project is to establish in Nowy Sącz Center of Innovation working in the field of multimedia and informative systems,. The Multimedia City's strategic goal is to become one of the tenth most innovative centers in the world, which are working on the application of multimedia in education, business and entertainment. The individual elements of Multimedia City are enabling to implement innovation to economy in accordance with the following stages of innovation chain: fresh ideas and innovative know-how, testing ideas through research and development phase, and implementation and adaptation of the innovative solutions in enterprises.

Multimedia City experts identified fields of multimedia application, which possess the largest developmental potential:


1. Mobile Technologies such as creation of localization service system based on the integrated technology of internet services, GIS platform, combined with GSM and GPS networks; mobile banking; authorizations based on mobile technologies.

2. Computer animation, creation of the studio that will help to produce computer animation used in Park’s products (computer games, special effects in films, visualization of data, simulation, advertisement, architecture)

3. Movie post-production, creation of a studio dealing with postproduction (montage, special effects incorporation, formatting, sound/making a soundtrack)

4. Computer games used in education (computer support to traditional training), business (simulating decision games) and entertainment

5. Internet, development of technologies such as Web 2.0, ASP, CSS, PHP, CGI, Java to be used in education, entertainment and business use.

6. E-marketing, e-advertising, use of multimedia in marketing and advertisement

7. E-Learning, increasing multimedia technology usage in education (creation of learning environment based on multimedia educational content)


Multimedia City will offer complex infrastructure solution (10 thousand square meters of Technological Park) which will enable to run innovative activities in the field of multimedia.


Multimedia City project consists of:


The Cluster of Multimedia and Information Systems was created in 2006 as the initiative of WSB-NLU as well as small and medium firms. It unites over 50 pro-developmental, pro-innovative and highly specialized small and medium entrepreneurs which are in business of modern technologies and up to date media from the whole Poland. Moreover, it brings together other numerous public and private institutions acting in business and scientific areas that encourage and stimulate enterprise and innovation of economy in Poland. The Cluster of Multimedia and Information Systems aim is to support and integration of small and medium enterprises sector in Poland. Mentioned firms act in multimedia and information systems market – so called " creative industry” – and Research and Development Sector. (http://www.MultiKlaster.pl)

Technology Park
Technology Park is a complex of buildings (10 thousand square meter) containing laboratories providing the most modern equipment indispensable to do research and developmental works in the field of multimedia and IT.

Research and Development Centre
This centre will carry a range of activities focused on searching for multimedia new applications. In the centre the ideas created, among other things, in the Cluster of Multimedia and Information Systems will be developed. Infrastructure and equipment will enable research and testing of any multimedia or IT project in the R&D Centre laboratories.

Business Incubator
The Incubator will enable the new, innovative ideas in the field of multimedia to be expanded. Furthermore, the ideas will be developed coming from different sources such as Research and Development Centre, firms, students and trainees who carry out studies using Multimedia City infrastructure and facilities.

The scheme of Multimedia City Project